Joe Sola, good ideas/bad ideas

Tif Sigfrids is pleased to announce a new project by Joe Sola named good ideas/bad ideas. The artwork is a live stream from the artist's studio that is viewable twenty four hours a day via Sola's this link:

For inquiries please write

good ideas/bad ideas

Hi my name is Joe Sola

I am the artist who made the image you are looking at.

I make lots of different kinds of artwork. I don’t know how these ideas come to me. Sometimes I have ideas in the middle of the night, sometimes I have ideas when I am walking, or driving, or watching TV.

When I have a really good idea, I get very excited. Not all my ideas are good ideas. My good ideas look and feel like bad ideas sometimes.

Sometimes I will live with an artwork for a long time trying to figure out if it is a good idea or a bad idea. This usually means it is a good idea, but sometimes it means it’s a bad idea after all. Sometimes I talk to friends about the artwork as I am making it, not the actual artwork, but ideas that reflect on the artwork. That’s a lot of fun to do.

I have been working on this image for almost a year. The work reminds me of my community access TV program I made in the 90’s in Brooklyn. It was usually a single shot video on Friday nights.

For this artwork I traded drawings with Facebook friends for their dogs’ poop. I am happy with this display, it’s different from my community access show, because this image is always on, like in a 24 hr gallery, right here, in my studio, where I live .