Hasani Sahlehe "Favorite Song"

September 30 - November 4

Tif Sigfrids is happy to announce a solo exhibition with Hasani Sahlehe entitled “Favorite Song”.  The exhibition will open with a reception Saturday, September 30th from 5 – 7 PM and remain on view through November 4th.  This is the artists first time exhibiting with the gallery.  
For the show we are presented with paintings conceived as a close-knit body of work.  Sahlehe expands on material experiments from earlier paintings with a process of repetition and refinement.  Visible across this cluster of works are patterns and forms akin to those found in ancient architecture.  As open to interpretation as a monument like Stonehenge, the configurations echoed across Sahlehe’s canvases similarly suggest both practical and cosmic dimensions.
Using synthetic materials, in the case of this body of work acrylic gel, Sahlehe is able to fuse industrial and spiritual precincts.  Poured areas of medium, gently guided by the artists hand, are ultimately determined by chance as each color makes space for the next, trembling in its own direction.  Wobbly edges fuse together to wrap the surface of each canvas in a way that reminds me of McCracken’s planks or Larry Bell’s cubes.  Despite this reduction in hand, Sahlehe’s paintings manage to elicit the rhythms of abstraction that stem from repeated gestures.
Hasani Sahlehe (b. 1991, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands) lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.  His work is currently the subject of a solo exhibition at Atlanta Contemporary.  Sahlehe has exhibited internationally and had recent solo exhibitions at SCAD Museum of Art, Adams and Ollman (Portland, OR), Tops Gallery (Memphis, TN), Gallery 12.26 (Dallas, TX), among others.