NADA This is Fair

May 20 - June 21 2020

Tif Sigfrids is happy to announce our participation in New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) FAIR.  This is Fair is a new art fair initiative designed to be online, function cooperatively, and act as a benefit for its community of galleries and artists. We will be presenting recent works by Jasmine Little and Becky Kolsrud. 

FAIR offers an alternative profit-sharing model, structured to facilitate mutual support within our industry, and provide revenue to each of its participants during a time in which galleries have temporarily closed their physical locations. A percentage from each sale made from FAIR will be merged into collective pools for both participating galleries and artists, to then be evenly distributed among each group.

The goal is to fight for the industry as a whole, said NADA’s executive director, Heather Hubbs.  “While many of these art spaces have been temporarily closed to the public, this new model provides an opportunity to showcase the best of contemporary art, while demonstrating our collaborative spirit and fostering mutual support for one another,” she said in a statement. 

All works presented in FAIR will be made available for direct online sales on FAIR goes live at 10am on Wednesday, May 20 and runs through Sunday, June 21, 2020.