Speed to Roam (w/ Becky Kolsrud, Adrianne Rubenstein, Mac McCaughan, Claudia Keep, Elsa Hansen Oldham, Tyson Reeder, Scott Reeder, Leo Mock, Sadie Laska, Eric Palgon, Nora Riggs, Andrew Kuo, Cris Kirkwood, Brian Calvin, Al Freeman, Mari Eastman, Michael Lachowski, Josh Sachs, Jamie Chan)

August 13 – September 17 w/ performance by Speed to Roam + Nihilist Cheerleader

Tif Sigfrids is pleased to announce the opening of a group show entitled “Speed to Roam.” The show will open with a concert by the Louisville, Kentucky based band Speed to Roam in our Athens space at 7PM on Saturday, August 13 following a performance by local band Nihilist Cheerleader at 6PM. The show will remain on view through September 17 and includes works by:

Becky Kolsrud
Adrianne Rubenstein
Mac McCaughan
Elsa Hansen Oldham
Brian Calvin
Tyson Reeder
Scott Reeder
Leo Mock
Sadie Laska
Eric Palgon
Nora Riggs
Andrew Kuo
Cris Kirkwood
Al Freeman
Mari Eastman
Michael Lachowski
Josh Sachs
Jamie Chan

This is Sigfrids’ third collaboration with the band, following shows organized in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2002 and 2004. Speed to Roam emerged from the underground music scene in Louisville, Kentucky in the late 90’s. Originally formed by Jason Hayden (Crain); Paul Oldham (Royal Trux); Peter Townsend (Palace); and George Wethington (The Man); the band also includes Dave Bird (Out) on guitar. The band has released one 7” (Brokerstip Records) and four full length albums and opened up for bands including Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The For Carnation, The Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and The Dirty Three, amongst others. This will be their first time performing in fifteen years.

The group show includes work by artists and musicians based in Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Louisville, Kentucky; Ojai, California; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Athens, Georgia; New York City; Merida, Mexico; and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Florence, Massachussetts.