The Mountain Bar at Tif Sigfrids

July 16 - August 10

The Mountain Bar, originally founded by Jorge Pardo and gallery owner Steve Hanson in 2003 was situated in Chinatown, a center for art activity in Los Angeles at the time. With numerous galleries and artist’s studios in close proximity, the intention was to create a meeting place that might foster meaningful exchange and as an artwork take into consideration relational concerns.

In 2009, Pardo created the upstairs bar (Untitled 2009), that would become home to The Mountain School of Arts (a free school initiated by artists Eric Wesley and Piero Golia). Constructed on the site that was once Pardo’s studio, the piece was treated as a VIP lounge, not open to the public and functioning as a mixed purpose space. In addition to The Mountain School of Arts, various lectures, performances, and film screenings took place over the course of the next three years.

Originally intended as a ten-year project, the Mountain Bar officially closed in 2012. Throughout it’s lifetime, the upstairs bar (Untitled 2009) housed lectures and presentations from artists and curators including Dan Graham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and many others. As the activity that happens within each piece is important to all of Pardo’s work, Untitled 2009, tells a very lively past.

From July 16 - August 10th, The Mountain Bar will be installed at TIF SIGFRIDS and open during special evening hours for a variety of events including film screenings, DJ nights, variety shows, and then some. Please follow us on Facebook or check the website for an updated schedule. Hope to see you!

Thursday- August 7 Grace Devito Performs
Please join us for a special performance beginning at 8 PM and featuring:

Shagha Ariannia, Colin Blodorn, Damien Bray, Jake DeVito, Zander Eckhouse,
Joe Fidler, Jessie Franks, Julia Leonard, Heidi Perlman, Rhea Perlman, Tif Sigfrids, Sam Sugarman

Saturday- August 9 Variety Show: A variety show hosted by Denver Smith
Please join us for a variety show featuring comedy, magic, music and a cirque du soleil style act performed by:

Lizzy Cooperman
Raj Desai
Donny Divanian
Denver Smith
Joe Sola
The Missingmen
(Raul Morales, Tom Watson, Mike Watt)
and more

Begins at 4PM