Thomas Dozol "What if I Kept Looking"

November 3 - December 18

Tif Sigfrids is happy to announce a solo exhibition of works by Thomas Dozol at our New York location entitled "What If I Kept Looking". The show will open with a reception on November 3rd from 6 to 8pm and remain on view through December 18th. Comprising eight new works, this is the artist’s second solo show with the gallery.
In "Angelica, 07.06.2022 London (01)", we see a young woman seated in a bright and airy space. Created through the layering of multiple exposures taken in a single sitting, there is an animated quality to the final image. The woman’s facial expression, hand gestures, the folds in her clothes, and direction of her gaze all seem to constantly change. The technique of digitally combining the twelve exposures on a 6x6, medium format roll of film is one that Dozol has employed in previous bodies of work.  In this new group of images swaths of bright color emerge from the pictures with watercolor-like appearance.
Rather than creating cinematic narratives in still-image form, Dozol emphasizes the intersections between specific formal, technical, symbolic, and psychological effects. This latest series of works exists in a distinct space between photography, painting, and printmaking. In works such as "Liam, 19.05.2022 New York (01)",  we can feel ourselves moving through the space of the room where Dozol's subject resides.  Rows of books are reduced to shapes and colors which appear to simultaneously recede and protrude, come apart and condense in a flickering all-over-effect. The final image is arrived at by a process akin to a game of chance where the slightest differences and most diminutive characteristics become perceptible and notable through the accumulative effect of their repetition. 
Presented as a group, these intimate depictions of friends capture the quality of slow, unfolding observation.  Viewing Dozol’s work can seem analogous to the process of getting to know somebody over time.  If we pay close attention and keep looking, a never-ending array of details surface, combining to lend the feeling of deeper understanding.  
Thomas Dozol (b. 1975, France) lives and works in New York and Berlin.  His work was the subject of a recent solo exhibition at the Neuer Kunstverein Aachener, in Aachen, Germany entitled Ghost Light.  Dozol is currently included in the FotoFocus Biennial in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His work has been the subject of solo gallery exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery (NY) and Andersens Contemporary (Denmark), amongst others and has been included in extensive group exhibitions.  He received an MA in Social Sciences and Data Analysis at the Universite Paris Dauphine (Paris, FR) and a BA in Performing Arts at Ecole Florent (Paris, FR).